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Pattern making in Adobe Illustrator 6

March 27, 2012 in Illustrator

iStudiez Pro Review

September 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

College is rough.

One of our very own WLC Professors once said that college life is a dream and she wishes she could go back. The fact is, we students endure a lot. Classes, a part time job, and the never ending list of reading, projects, quizzes, tests, and group work. And if you like to have any form of a social life, you have to stay on top of all your work. You need to be reminded ahead of time when that Senate meeting is or when you’ll have a free 21 minutes to watch the new episode of Wilfred.

That’s where the iStudiez Pro app comes in.

The app is organized under four categories- Today, Calendar, Assignments, and Planner. Today shows your classes and any other events you have entered in for the day.

In Calendar, you can see your schedule for any day of the month and enter in new events. Under the Assignments tab at the front, you can easily see when your homework is due.

Assignments shows your work by Due Date, Course, or Priority. When you finish an assignment, you can even enter your grade in and keep track of your GPA throughout the semester.

Finally, Planner keeps track of your past and current semesters, holidays, and instructors.

iStudiez Pro is the perfect student’s companion. If you really like to stay organized, you can download the app for your computer. Cloud syncs between your mobile device and your computer, so there is no need to enter everything in twice or to even plug in your iPhone.

For the most forgetful of students, you can choose to put alerts on the most important items, so you never sleep through a class or forget about a test again.

Review of MojoMotor

April 3, 2011 in WebDesign2

Here I’m writing about another CMS system inside of an installation of wordpress. But MojoMotor by Ellislab truly has it’s place within the industry. It is super simple for clients to update and add content to.
It is dynamic in text editing because MojoMotor doesn’t kick the user out of the content and into an admin system. All editing by the client is within the page itself. The learning curve for a developer is not bad if you have used other systems in the past and have an idea of how PHP works.
I would like it if it had a built in one botton backup system for clients to use, simple photo gallery included, and contact form. However all of these can be added with some inexpensive plugins.

All in all, MojoMotor is a great simple CMS system.

Link to Price $49.95

User Guide Link

Plugins and other Links

  • Formojo Serious Forms for MojoMotor $15.00
  • MojoBlocks Textfields and editable widget blocks $15.00 (example facebook, twitter, youtube)
  • ThumpJump The simple Image Gallery for your Mojomotor €15.00
  • Backup A MojoMotor add-on that allows site admins to backup their MySQL data from admin window $8.00
  • MojoBlog Is a simple Blog engine to post content $15.00
  • Feeder is an RSS parser for MojoMotor $5.00
  • Mapper very easy way to add Google Maps to your website $5.00
  • Payup Add PayPal Buy it Now and Add to Cart Buttons to your pages $15.00
  • Catographer Make XML sitemap for SEO FREE